How to add a Ticket in The Customer Service Portal Sahabat laut Lestari ?

How to add a Ticket in The Customer Service Portal Sahabat laut Lestari ?

The customer service portal Sahabat Laut Lestari is a portal that is used as a one-stop service gate for SLL. If you are our customer and have a problem with our product, then you can tell us through this portal.

  1. You can directly consult with our support team
  2. You can create an account on the portal so you can enjoy the service features in it
  3. Get the latest articles related to SLL
  4. Monitor the progress of your ticket directly
How to add a ticket?
  1. You can go to tab my area then click add ticket button
  2. Choosing a product name can be done by typing keywords. For example "TraceTales", then select product.
  3. Choose a module from the list, is the desired module is not available, you can select " Others "
  4. Choose the classification of your ticket ( note: What is the report classification ?)
  5. Enter a subject in the subject field
  6. Enter a description in the Description column, make sure to fill in as much detail as possible to make it easier to work on. You can also add other elements like images etc
  7. Select the priority level of the ticket. (note: How to adjust ticket priority ?)
  8. Then enter the attachment files if any
  9. Press the submit button
  10. Then monitor the progress of your ticket on the " Tab My Area " and always check incoming email from us

If there is still something you are confused about, please ask us or discuss it on the community tab or add a new ticket

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